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We are more than an aluminium alloy solution provider.

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Custom Aluminum Extrusions Profiles

Eagle’s aluminum extrusions manufacturer connections give you access to more than 10,000 custom aluminum profiles and extruded shapes. If you truly need a custom die and aluminum extrusion product, we will help you design and engineer it. We Are Your Single Source for Your Custom Aluminum Extrusion


Create Precision Custom Aluminum Extrusions. The best aluminum extruders require a true understanding of the end user\'s needs. Our high quality, certified aluminum materials, automated extrusion presses, and Kevlar handling system, provide an ideal environment to develop precision custom aluminum extrusions and deliver what your customers

Custom Aluminum Extrusions | Lynch Metals,

Aluminum extrusion is a versatile, heat-dependent process used to shape aluminum alloys into unique cross-sectional profiles. T-slot aluminum and aluminum angles are two of the most common aluminum profiles produced, but custom dies can

Custom Aluminum Extrusions -

Ryerson’s custom aluminum extrusions create an aluminum cross-section much closer to its final shape. This reduces the purchase weight and amount of machining needed to bring it to its finished size. The results include: Faster manufacturing, with less material waste. Consistent

Custom Aluminum Extrusions - Richardson Metals,

Aluminum extrusions are used as components in many different devices, equipment, and systems, such as those found in aircraft, the International Space Station (ISS), and military and hospital field sites. Construction Aluminum extrusions serve many functions in

Eagle Mouldings | Aluminum Extrusion Supplier | Aluminum

Eagle Mouldings is your source for hundreds of in-stock and custom aluminum extrusions and trims as well as standard shapes. Call us at 800

Custom Aluminum Extrusions - Norsk

Hydro Extrusion offers custom aluminum extrusions to numerous automotive, aviation and construction industries. Contact us to learn more about the custom aluminum extrusions we offer in a variety of sizes, shapes, and

ABOUT | Northern States

Custom aluminum extrusions, components and finished private-label products are all provided by Northern States Metals (NSM). As a leading provider of aluminum services to manufacturers, NSM is a one-stop, full service organization. We can provide virtually any size and shape of aluminum extrusions through our vast global

80/20 Aluminum T-slot Building Systems | 80/20 Aluminum

T-Slots, aluminum extrusions, and parts. Architectural solutions and frames for industrial machine guards, workstations, data center enclosures, and more. Build your idea with 80/20 today. From concept to completion, 80/20 provides assistance to turn your ideas into custom solutions. We have Design Technicians, software and file resources

Custom Fabricated Extrusions | Tri-State

Our experienced craftsmen are capable of manufacturing custom aluminum extruded products to standard tight tolerances within +/-0.002”, with tighter tolerances achievable when needed. Each piece undergoes rigorous quality control inspections to ensure compliance with the required industry standards and